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Ernest Ingersoll, Dragons and Dragon Lore, London
Dover Books, 2005, 224 pages.
A study of the presence of dragons in legends all over the world, including the oldest creation stories from Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Adrienne Mayor, Fossil Legends of the First Americans
Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press, 2005, 488 pages

Folklorist and historian Adrienne Mayor explores the way Native American discoveries of dinosaur fossils were the source for some of their most powerful myths, including some dragon-like “water monsters.”

Joseph Nigg, The Book of Dragons and Other Mythical Beasts
New York, Barron’s, 2002. 128 pages.

An illustrated, educational look at some of the main dragon legends from around the world aimed at younger audiences.


Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns and Mermaids
Lots of educational resources at the website of the American Museum of Natural History about the origins of legendary creatures from all over the world.

Dragons, between science and fiction
Quebec Museum of Civilization’s companion web site to an exhibit presented in Europe and North America.

Animal Planet – Dragons
A special section of the television network’s web site dedicated to the mythical beasts, including a series of interesting vignettes on the various types of dragons and dragon-related myths.

Strange Science: Dragons and Dinosaurs
A series of historical representations of both dinosaurs and dragons, with discussions as to the origins of each of these images.

ABC Teach
Downloadable word search, coloring page, vocabulary, clip art and other dragon paper games. Just type “Dragons” into the search field.